Uploading a Resource

Discover.nwais is a collection of online communities designed to help you connect with and be inspired by your association colleagues. Independent school administrators, faculty and staff from across NWAIS are finding new ideas, exchanging advice about school processes and sharing everyday tips.

Below are the steps for how to upload a shared file or multimedia resource:

  1. Sign in to discover.nwais.org using your NWAIS website username and password. 
The first time you log in, you’ll be required to agree to the terms and conditions.

  2. Select “Communities,” “All Communities,” then click the name of the group you would like to post in.
  NOTE: You must first “Join” the group.

  3. Click the “Create a Library Entry” button next to “Latest Shared Files.”

  4. Create your file's name, description and select the "Entry Type," then press the green “Next” button.

  5. Click "Choose and Upload" and select your file for upload.

  6. Click "Next" to add a name and description to your file or click "Finish" to immediately upload.  NOTE: We recommend always adding a short, illustrative filename and description to allow others to find your resource easily.

  7. Click "Next" to add Tags to your files.  Tags are keywords that help others find your resource easily.

  8. Click "Finish."